Thursday, January 1, 2009

All because two people fell in love...

Hey all!

I have NO idea how to "blog" and create my blog-spot - so email me or call me with any helpful advice -PLEASE!  That being said, I caution you that this may not be pretty (or maybe it will be- it's anyone's guess!)  Here goes:

2009 finds the Cortez Crew in good health (mostly - cough cough cough by me - Michelle).  Russ is still VP of Sales and Business Strategy at Stock & Option Solutions (SOS) which he enjoys.  Rett is 15 1/2 and is a sophomore at Granada High School here in Livermore.  The picture above is the JV Basketball team at GHS delivering gifts to a family they adopted for Christmas (he is the 7th from either right or left).  He also just got his driver's permit.  (You've been warned if you are local!)  

(I thought I was adding the above photo here- but I have NO idea how it got where it did or how to move it.  Let's see where the next photo goes!)

Tanner is 13 and is an 8th grader at Mendenhall.  He is loved by everyone and seems to have a "Sampson" thing going as all the girls love his hair long - and he has yet to cut it.  We're talking below his collar now.  His grandma seriously "dislikes" it, for lack of a better word!  If and when this "do" changes, we will let you know.

(Ahh- Tanner's picture went to the top- well, it will be your job to figure out which photo goes with which information.)

Trey is 9 1/2 and is in 4th grade.  He is super helpful around here and loves to hang out with his family.  He likes going ANYWHERE with me and Russ.  His favorite activity lately is going to the gym with Russ.  They play basketball and he is working hard on improving his skills.  (Dang that CYO being played on Sunday!  Foiled again!)

Kobe is 7 1/2 and is doing a "bonus year" of 1st grade.  He is doing really well and loves being a leader in his class.  Kobe is very silly and competes with Russ for the "most entertaining" award in our family.  He was chosen for a "world-cup" team after soccer season this year and is awaiting baseball.  He definitely is my little cuddle-bug and is lovingly referred to by me as "bug" for that very reason.

Okay, I am starting my "Bling Your Thing" business where I add Swarovski crystals to whatever my customers want.  I do hats, clothes, accessories, cell phones, bluetooths, and even have orders for dance team jackets and costumes as well as letterman jackets.  I really enjoy it and I am very proud of my products.  I will have to add pictures someday!

Anyways- I am bored of this right now - so are you I'm sure - so I am gonna stop.  (I wonder if this will even work!)

Check back soon and see what happens next in our little fairy-tale life.  (Let's hope 2009 has mostly knights in shiny armor and white horses and little dragons and damsels in distress!)

Until next time - Sparkle!


  1. You did great! Learning to blog takes time, I'm still learning. I think it is an art, actually, so you should be able to pick it up and run with it! Good luck with your blog and your business. By the way, your family is sure getting big!

  2. yeah Michelle! now i will add your blog to mine!

  3. Welcome to the blogging world!!

    Your boys are so dang cute! They look so much like you, then baby Kobe is Grandpa Rich! Cute!
    Good luck with your new business, sounds fun!
    Sorry again that we missed you in Dec. We just got overbooked... hopefully soon!
    Take care and Happy Blogging!

  4. Michelle-- Welcome to the blogging world! It is addictive. You will love it! I can't believe you guys have a 15 year old! Time flies. Its good to see you guys! Check us out, too.
    Kym Caress-Knight